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Lead Free Compliance

With the legislation passed in California (AB1953) and Vermont S152) serving as a catalyst for a national interest in the lead free regulations for potable water, a National Lead Free Bill was signed by President Obama in January 2011. This Senate Bill S.3874 (aka: Reduction in Lead in Drinking Water Act) that was signed will reduce the lead content in faucets, fittings and valves from 8% to no more than a weighted average of 0.25% maximum lead when used with respect to the wetted surface of pipes, plumbing fittings and fixtures or other potable water applications. This law will go into effect nationally January 1, 2014.

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Lead Free and Low Lead Brass Alloys

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In conjunction with the expanding interest in lead free and low leaded brass alloys for potable water applications and lead free regulation compliance, Mueller Brass Company has developed the EcoStream™ family of alloys and products...

EcoStream™ is a family of lead free and low lead brass alloys and products specifically developed to aid companies and manufacturers with their lead free compliance strategies for their products and components.
Whether the need be for components machined from Mueller Brass Company’s GreenDrop™ C27450 Lead Free Brass alloy or forged parts from C37000 Low Lead Forging Brass, the EcoStream™ family of alloys and products provides further benefits by offering additional benefits for the manufacturer in areas of raw material costs and manufacturing productivity when compared to other lead free or low lead alternatives.

Solution Right Image With the customer in mind, Mueller Brass Company has developed Green Drop™ C27450 Lead Free Brass Alloy a practical solution for manufacturers seeking compliance to lead free regulations and legislation for their products.

Compliant – Competitive - Compatible

Unlike other lead free and low lead alternative alloys, GreenDrop™ C27450 was carefully developed with an industry-centric approach to address the specific needs of the manufacturers themselves. Instead of just purchasing the rights to an alloy originally developed for other purposes, Mueller Brass Company developed GreenDrop™ C27450 alloy specifically for those manufacturers needing an alloy to produce products and/or components requiring compliance to lead free regulations. In addition to being COMPLIANT, Mueller Brass Company also recognized the necessity for the alloy to be COMPETITIVE to help minimize the incurred costs associated with transitioning of existing products and the development new products to comply with these new standards.

No Silicon – No Bismuth – No Segregation

By carefully controlling the percentage of constituent elements required, and not introducing costly and potentially detrimental additives like silicon or bismuth, GreenDrop™ C27450 provides a competitive advantage over other lead free brass alloys. In addition to advantages in raw material costs, manufacturers also realize further cost savings in manufacturing productivity and efficiency. Because scrap generated from GreenDrop™ C27450 Lead Free Brass is completely COMPATIBLE with scrap from standard, commonly used alloys, the need to clean out machines and segregate scrap is virtually eliminated. Combined with superior performance in thread rolling, plating and brazing, GreenDrop™ C27450 Lead Free Brass Alloy is the perfect solution for machined parts and forged parts applications.

EcoStream™ Alloys

UNS Designation Name Cu Pb Zn Fe Sn T.O.E.
C27450 No Lead Plumbing Brass 60.0 - 65.0 0.25 (max) 37.5 (nom) 0.35 (max)
0.50 (max)
Dezincification Resistance (DZR) No Lead Plumbing Brass
Copper-Lead-Zinc Alloy
C36500 Leaded Muntz Metal 58.0 - 61.0 0.25 - 0.70 40.0 (nom) 0.15 (max) 0.25 (max) 0.40 (max)
C37000 Free Cutting Muntz Metal 59.0 - 62.0 0.80 - 1.50 39.0 (nom) 0.15 (max)
0.40 (max)

Product information on Mueller Brass Company’s EcoStream™ products and alloys can be downloaded below:

Copper Development Association Resources

As a committed supporter, and representative for the copper and copper alloy industry, The Copper Development Association (CDA) has worked closely with Mueller Brass Company and other members to provide guidance and information to ensure the magnitude and effects of the lead free legislation are addressed and identified. Provided for your reference are three pieces prepared by CDA that not only outlines the guidelines and requirements of the Lead Free Legislation, but also the impact and increased significance placed on recyclability and maintaining the integrity of the scrap stream.

Additional Lead Free Brass Resources

To further aid customers and manufacturers in their transition and adoption of Lead Brass Alloys, Mueller Brass Company has developed a “Machining Reference Guide” and a “Troubleshooting Guide”. These two pieces were designed as supplements to help minimize the learning curve associated with machining lead free and low lead brass alloys. Please contact Mueller Brass Company’s Customer Service for copies.